• Seed germination is the first phase in the growth of the crop. The Energy Seeds fertilizer allows you to obtain a solid yield.
  • Nitrogen nutrition is the first step that should be implemented in the spring. The initial dose should be introduced at the time when the first signs of vegetation appear in the fields. Also, in the beginning of spring vegetation, the crop should be supplemented with phosphorus, which affects the formation of the root system.
  • Magnesium improves nutrition, improves photosynthesis, and eliminates damage caused to plants (after frost). Deficiency of magnesium causes a decrease the number of spicas and grains in the spicas.
  • In the spring, the crop should be supplemented with micronutrients. Copper, manganese, and zinc play a major role in the cultivation of the crop. Foliar nutrition with these elements must be implemented from the beginning of the vegetation period and continue until the phase of stem elongation.
  • At the time of the appearance of the 1st node, nitrogen is added again — fertilization with urea or ammonium nitrate in solid form is preferable. The third phase of nitrogen fertilization is implemented during the last leaf period to obtain high yield.



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