Main pipelenes

Main pipelenes

Sun Flow lay flat hose from Sun Flow Inc. is perfectly suited for the role of the main pipeline and irrigation hose. All lay flat hoses are manufactured using modern technology. Production technologies allow the obtaining of high-quality products characterized by uniform structure via a continuous process. As a result, it has increased resistance to stretching and eliminates the risk of stratification of the structure. Smooth inner lining of the hose that reduces friction and contributes to reduction in the loss of pressure in the irrigation system represent an additional advantage. The models are designed for medium and high pressure, with a diameter of 100, 150, and 200 mm.

The features of the Sun Flow lay flat hose from Sun Flow Inc. include the following:

  • NO CHLORINE. The content of chlorine is monitored at many stages of the manufacturing process and the quality control of finished products is implemented;
  • the largest weight kg/coil of lay flat hose among all manufacturers are indicative of the strength and amount of the material used;
  • patented firm-developed weaving of nylon mesh inside the lay flat hose extending the life of the structure and preventing the opening of the fittings from excessive wear and tear;
  • smooth inner lining that reduces friction and contributes to reduction in the loss of pressure throughout the irrigation system;
  • increased resistance to stretching;
  • eliminated risk of separation of layers;
  • deformation-resistant (under the influence of temperature);
  • does not disintegrate under the influence of UV rays;
  • long service life;
  • withstands pressure within the range of 4 bar;
  • enables the passage of wheeled vehicles (in the absence of pressure);
  • temperature range: from -20°С to 75°С.
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